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Dear Bride-to-be,

Here's how: Call my number now 813-679-8534.

You're wondering what I mean when I refer to my DJ service as extravagant, aren't you?

The dictionary says "extravagant means going beyond what is typical." We are known for just that and our customers love it.

You'll notice our equipment is better than it has to be. But you and your guests are worth it. Clear sound is better than loud sound. No one likes to shout over the roar of lousy speakers. With DJ Productions, volume is controlled. Music is beautiful.

You'll notice I am refined and professional. You've been to enough weddings with cheesy DJ's to know that refined and professional is more than extravagance. It's a necessity.

And DJ Productions provides back up equipment and has back up DJ's on call in case they're ever needed.. Ask any bride whose wedding was ruined because back ups weren't available if this is an extravagance. I'll bet they say it's a necessity.

What I really mean when I use the word extravagant is "out-of-the-ordinary quality."

So how do you afford all of this quality? It's easy: simply select the package that fits your budget. Each package is extravagant in terms of quality. But every bride has different needs. Some are content with our basic, quality service (it is still extra-ordinary). Some are willing to pay for some pretty cool add-ons.

You decide.

Call today for details: 813-679-8534. You'll find we're the best deal in town for value minded brides who demand top-quality.

Skipper Schmitt

P.S. Professionalism. Reliability. Quality. This is the kind of extravagance you can afford! Learn more today: call 813-679-8534